About Trading

Watch our intro video to understand how the program works.

PPP's have been around for decades and we encourage you to read the PDF document below or click on Video - Audio Presentation.

This will explain the history and origins of PPP's and will demonstrate exactly how the trading functions to generate very high returns.

Download Overview Document   How Private Placement Programs Work   Video - Audio Presentation  

Growing The Community

UCI Global is offering the world's first Elite Wealth Creation opportunity.

We are creating an intentional international community of like-minded investors who wish to join our private investment opportunity. With you in mind, we have created a reward system that is straight forward and easy to understand.

The 6 Steps To Payday

Step 1

Join our community.

Join Community

Step 2

Login and decide how much you want to invest. The minimum is $20,000.

Step 3

Transfer your payment using the payment details provided in Discord channel.

Step 4

Send out your referral link which is found in your back office.

Step 5

Build your referral network "5% - on 5 levels deep". Each level is unlimited.

Step 6

Wait for the pay out date.

Your trading account balance will be compounded for 40 weeks.
Your pay out will be One Hundred (100x) times your pre-trade balance at the time trading begins.
This is a Time Sensitive , and Strictly Limited opportunity.