Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about UCI and PPP, you can read here.

Our goal is to have an intentional community of crowd funding investors, to raise $10 million USD, to enter the Arbitrage Trade program (PPP), exclusive to UCI Global. When we raise this capital, via Crowd Investing and Private Equity investors, we will not be accepting any new investors.

At this stage there is no specific closing date. When the capital is raised, the crowd investing for the Arbitrage Trade Program (PPP) will be closed. NO MORE FUNDS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Yes. That is how all new members will register and join. Sign up and open your account, then follow the payment options in your back office. Your account is only considered active after you have paid. If you have not paid and the capital is raised and the program is closed, your registration will be removed from UCI Global.

Existing members will be assisted by Admin and the UCI Global Team Leaders, to add their existing payments to their accounts and structure their referral investors, (if they so choose to refer).

No. We can only accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bank transfer.

No. We will be compounding the account weekly until we reach x 100 the initial investment.

NO, not in any form. A Ponzi Program or HIYP, by nature needs to have more participants entering the program to maintain itself. Ponzi programs generally work from the basis that it requires new investors funds to “pay” existing investors.

Whilst UCI Global encourages Investors, UCI Global will close the doors to all Investors once the required Capital is raised. It is not an ongoing Platform. The capital will be raised by investors such as “Mum and Dad investors”, Companies, SMSF’s, Private equity groups and Individual wealthy Investors (whales).

Yes. UCI Global will provide continual updates on Telegram, Discord, Facebook and in the Back office. This will be supplied by the UCI Global team.

The Pooled funds of $10 Million will be “locked up” and blocked by the Tier 1 bank that UCI Global enters. In order to achieve a return of 100 times the investment, the $10 million capital MUST be blocked for the duration of the 40 week Trading program.

In Banking terms, “Non-callable” means that the specific account – cash, bonds etc, cannot be called upon, repaid or touched until the maturity date is reached. The removal prior to the 40 weeks is a mechanism that is not enabled on this type of account.

In addition, in order for the investment to compound x 100 times, all capital must be “locked up” for this duration of time.

The actual UCI Arbitrage Trading Program (PPP) is for 40 weeks. The approximate date of payout will be provided to UCI Global closer to the date the trading completes. Depending upon how many investors are involved and how many transactions, will affect the time frame of payouts. You need to allow up to 4 weeks after the trading program has completed, for the processing of payments to all investors.

This will be monitored and updated through Telegram, Discord, Facebook and the UCI Global back office.

Bank transfer or Bitcoin transfer.

In the back office there will be an area that you can add your payment details to and store your Cryptocurrency wallets.

Yes. UCI Global has created an optional and very lucrative commission plan for all investors who decide to contribute (only for this program). This commission plan is designed to help UCI Global accumulate the required capital to be able to participate in the Final Arbitrage Trading Investment Program.

Yes. In the back office, in your account you will have a referral link. You will copy and paste this and send to investors interested the UCI Global’s PPP.

Please keep in mind, if you are structuring 2 positions under yourself, ensure you assign the referral link to your “second position” that you would have the balance of your investment in.

Investors earn 5% referral commission per referred investor. These commissions are paid in USD and are added to your Investment and are referred to as “Pre-Traded Investment”. For every $500 investment, you as the referrer earns $25 USD (5%). This Commission is paid out at the completion of the trading program together with your initial Investment, which is referred to as “Post-Traded”.

For example: If you invest $2000 and you refer 2 people that pay $1000 each, your commission per referred invested position is $50. (5% of $1000 is $50). So, for 2 referrals, you will receive $100. This is added to your “Pre-Traded Investment” account.

Your Investment Commissions Pre-Traded Total Payout
$2,000 $100 $2,100 $210,000

*You earn x 100 your investment in USD
*You earn x 100 your commission in USD
*Commissions earn at 5% are 5 levels deep
*You may structure yourself as the “First referrer”
*Please refer to the UCI Global Calculators for easy reference
Download Calculations  

Yes. You will need 2 email addresses and we suggest you structure your positions accordingly. This is based on you investing $2000.

Position 1 – “John Citizen” email – $500
Position 2 – “John Citizen” email – $1500

You place your lesser investment in the top position and your balance of your own investment in position 2. You will receive 5% on your 2nd second position, 5 levels deep. Please note, you can go as wide as you like with your referrals.

*Make sure you give your “2nd” referral link to others that you refer.


Sunday 30th June.

We will be introducing Weekly Zoom calls for investors to participate in and ask questions freely of the UCI Global team and at select times with Antoun Toubia (CEO).

You can also PM any of the Admins and ask questions in the Telegram and Discord channels.

No, this is the final program. UCI Global will have the required capital raised.

Yes. Please note, any investors specifically looking to invest their SMSF, open a SMSF, Investment funds or Retirement funds, please contact Marnie or Marianne directly for further information and structure solutions. You will still remain with your referrer/upline.

Marnie – Marianne –

Yes. We are going to market this program “Globally” and this will be advertised through all public platforms/means until the capital is raised. This will happen in early July.

Please wait until this Marketing campaign is launched and then your welcome to advertise it. There will be numerous information in the FB and Discord Back offices to responsibly share the information you will need to provide to other potential investors.

Please keep in mind, we are an Intentional Community Crowd Investing Platform and our brand – “UCI Global” and the associated team, will maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, transparency and respect at all times. As an Investor and potential referrer, please understand that it is our collective responsibilities to protect the brand, that is UCI Global and our investment.

There will be materials and documents available in back offices’ for investors to utilize.

We will keep you updated on the process mainly through Discord, Telegram (news channel), FB, your back Office in UCI Global and Social media.

There will be a regular update of the Pooled funds so investors can see the raised capital growing towards the required target of $10 Million.

We are currently on Telegram and we will be transitioning across to Discord in the coming weeks. The Telegram channel will remain and will eventually become a “News Channel”.

The UCI Global back office will be where you will register and create your user account.

We will also be introducing a FB page and group.

Every country has individual Tax laws. Investing in Monetary Markets including PPP are leveraged products that can carry a high level of risk to your capital. Investors participate at their sole benefit and risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The information provided, including Taxation, Legal and other matters will vary from country to country. All information pertaining to UCI Global, the affiliates and third parties, are general in nature and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situations or needs. UCI Global, the affiliates and third parties are not responsible or liable for your financial decisions. We encourage you to seek independent financial advice if necessary.